What's The Importance Of Self improvement 

What's the importance of self improvement? Why, it's the key to success.   That's our saying. That's our very mantra. Nothing else is truer, we feel. Why? Of all the things you have done, what's the common denominator in them all? YOU. Yes, you. That is the focus here. And this subject is so vital that we at Enthusedtoimprove devoted an entire website to it. That's right! Not only are we encouraging doing self improvement, we want you to have the utmost fun in the process. Hence, our title. "Enthusedtoimprove."

We want to add excitement to your journey of self-discovery, your journey of finding out how to better yourself. You care about doing this. You must enjoy the journey somehow, someway to keep at it no matter what. That is our goal. To bring that type of emotional flavor to this undertaking.

I hope you are strapped-in and have packed a lunch, for this journey will be very eventful and, hopefully, so fulfilling.

And a journey it will be, for life affords us all the opportunities to take a journey, to see life for what it is, and go, go, go and keep on going until we get what we are looking for.

And what are you looking for? Success at a level that pleases you. Success that gives you freedom to be you. Success that makes for good conversation and good living. That's, we are guessing, is why you are here. It's all about you and what you want. Right?

So what's the importance of self improvement? The reason self improvement is so important is because it is about you. That common denominator we mentioned earlier.

Oh, of course there's so much more to life. But we spend a lot of time thinking about ourselves, but improvement of the self isn't the focus usually. We look at what's outside of us. The circumstances, the happenings. We often get mad about them, wine about them, complain to anyone who'll listen about how bad we have  it or how bad things are. And does that change anything? No. Why? You are dealing with the outside world. That's something you can't change.

However, if you work on you. That's a different story. Put your energy into something you can do something about and, wow, see what happens.

If you follow the lead of Paulo Coelho de Souza, Brazilian born musical lyricist and international bestselling writer of The Alchemist, he says: "When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better, too." (And he should know. His exploits made his dreams of writing in music, drama and knowledge has amassed him more 500 million in personal income.)

So go out and do better and expect better things to come. That's what self improvement is all about. You put yourself in the mix and don't be overly concerned about the outcome. Life is a journey. Move on. Get what you get in your undertakings and appreciate your input. 

Whether you fail or win in any  of your undertakings, the common denominator is still you. You are there.

That means YOU did something to make a success of the things you take on, or YOU did something to bring about the failure of them. Yes, we are about taking responsibility for our actions. If that bothers you, you are on the wrong website. That partly anwers what's the importance of self improvement?

Now this isn't about assigning blame. Blame is a lame word that disempowers you. We are just saying you were part of the whole of your successes and failures. The most important part. What we want to do is get you to having much more success now. And that's where self improvement comes in.

Because when you improve, you improve your chances of being a success. You are the common denominator, so better yourself and the important aspects of your life will get better, too.

Isn't that why you have come here? You saw: "I Want To Better Myself!" and said: "Oh yeah. That's what I'm talking about!" or something of that effect.

So what's the importance of self improvement? Well, follow these pages and see what this website is all about.

On this website you will learn to deal with the elephant in the room. That's the expression that many use when they talk about a grand undertaking. And we consider your bettering yourself as your personal grand undertaking. We take it seriously. And since you are here, we are assuming you do as well.

And as the old adage goes: "How do you eat an elephant? Answer. One bite at a time."

So let us help you take a B.I.T.E. out of this elephant.

How's that, you ask. It's B.I.T.E.,  as in:

  • Build on a firm foundation of faith
  • Incremental adjustments where needed
  • Transcend your limitations
  • Evolve into the being you were born to be

Yes, an elephant is huge. Take this like an eating contest. We are here to help you win by helping to guide your bites. Helping you pace yourself. And giving you whatever you need to finish the meal.

What's at stake? Consider these:

  • What brought you to this website?
  • What do you expect from a self improvement website?
  • What other websites have you looked at?
  • If you have abandoned them, why?
  • What would make you feel successful when you're trying to better yourself?
  • What in particular are you wishing to get better at?

These are just promptings for you to ponder. You probably have more. So, once again, what's the importance of self improvement? Self improvement is important because you are important. You matter. Books, programs, television shows, whole industries and the like are devoted to the subject of personal betterment, personal growth. So go about your journey. We are glad you have chosen us on your journey of self discovery. 

As you move about these pages here you will discover a lot about what's the importance of self improvement. Also, you will discover what self improvement is as defined and how indulging in it can possibly be your next big thing.  You will learn what it can do for you and why we are so passionate about what we do. So keep on keeping on. Explore for more and find more. To your future betterment. Peace.

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