Manifest Your Desires-The Superhero way is all about powerful self-improvement. I'm not just talking setting goals, being a better person, or chasing abundance. I am talking about all of those things and even more. I am talking about super-sizing your life. Stop playing it small and go for THE BIGTIME! 

Yes, stop thinking small and think BIG!

Hi. I'm Eddie Smalls aka Manifest Man. And you are here because you are one of three kinds of people.

  1. You are just plain curious. You heard about this program and you like to stay in the loop of what's happening. You want to know whether or not I'm a legitimate self-improvement professional or whether I'm just another nutcase screwball seeking attention. 
  2. Or maybe you are a serious seeker of self-improvement ideas and you are here to learn more.  
  3. Then there's that person that thinks: "Hey, this is it!" You are definitely "enthused to improve" and this program has definitely  moved you. 

If you are in number three category-

 Go, go, my contact info. NOW! We need to talk.

Now, for the rest of you, whatever reason you are here, Eddie Smalls is my name and self-improvement is the name of my game.

And yes, it's a game. This thing called life is supposed to be fun. And when it's not, we need to indulge in some type of self-improvement to tweak or adjust what's going on in order to better our outlook.

Okay, Eddie. So far, so good. Now cut to the chase.

All right! Manifest Your Desires/The Superhero Way is a program designed not only to help you get what you want in life, it is here to help you take it up several notches.

Become your SUPER SELF!

"How so?" you ask. 

To help you become your SUPER SELF so you can go after what you REALLY want. When you super-size your existence, you can  "BOLDLY GO WHERE YOU HAVE NEVER GONE BEFORE."

"Waitaminnit!" you say. That's Star Trek! That's just fantasy!

So what! The Superhero Way is fantasy, too.

"Okay," you continue to ask. "And what's up with that? Fantasy is fake. That's just imagination."

Yes, it is. And guess what? Everything is created twice. That's right. Everything ever created in life came from imagination. First YOU IMAGINE IT, then YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN.


And since you are going to be manifesting, anyway, why not go SUPER.

Yes. The Superhero Way is fantasy. And in 1933 Jerome Siegel takes his imagination to another level. He creates Superman. His entire life dramatically changes. One idea, one creation, one decision starts an era, a movement and makes an icon.

SUPERMAN [See what this one character, one idea, one creation has morphed into.] He is internationally known, part of a mult-billion dollar empire and the father of the superhero world.

So what are you saying? That I can do something of this ilk?

That's totally up to you. What you have is inside you. My job, my desire, my purpose in life is to help you, a seeker of self-improvement and personal betterment, get what YOU desire.

And get it in a big way. Huge. SUPER-SIZED!

If you desire to

  • know your powerful alter-ego [that other you with powers and abilities far beyond what you may now know],
  • rise above your circumstances and go "up, up and away" from mediocrity and become who you are destined to be,
  • seek to find your purpose, your calling, your special assignment in life based on what you are uniquely qualified to do,

So you can audaciously proclaim: "This looks like a job for...[YOU. Being your SUPER SELF],

then maybe I can help.

So. Now you probably ask: "What makes you so qualified to help me?"

Watch what you ask for. You might just get it.

My answer: I had to do such for myself. I am an experiential life coach who honed his craft in the fires of everyday living. This program is more than 50 years in the making.

My story has helped me evolve into The Leading Authority On Dumping that SMALL YOU, so you may become your SUPER SELF.

No. This is not where I tell my story. That's under Story Of My Life. It demonstrates how this program is more than 50 years in the making.

This program is part of the outcome and my gift to the world. It comes from my pains, my deliverance, my calling, my purpose, my pathway, my ultimate destiny to be now and forevermore-

Eddie Smalls aka Manifest Man, superhero for self-improvement.

And it is my job, my utter responsibility to help people like you who are seeking to better yourself and find you purpose in the process.

Are you glad you discovered this page? Are you ready to change your life for the better? Are you ready to quit playing it small [Leave Smallville] and take off and go "up, up, and away" to your MEANINGFUL METROPOLIS? 

Let's connect and see.

Contact me: Eddie Smalls

 Phone: 803-479-9436 or


Peace. Have a blessed day.

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The South
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The Company Brand
The company brand for is "Super Lives For Southerners." The website will help Southerners appreciate their heritage and the Southern expereince.

Eddie Smalls, a.k.a. Manifest Man, helps open-minded people become the "superhero" they were born to be.

Eddie is Southern born and bred. His style, commentary and manner of purpose reflect that. He is proudly being his authentic self.